A Women’s Worth

A women’s worth

No one can define a women’s worth

We are far too powerful and strong for words to even begin to describe us

We have the power to birth, nurture and raise a life in this world

How can words describe such an amazing part of nature

But let this poem open up the eyes of those who close their mind towards understanding a women’s worth

We cannot be claimed nor bought nor won

Materialist items that hold no value can’t lead us into another’s arms

We are not a prize that can be claimed

We are human and equal to any other man

Don’t be fooled by our beauty, our minds are much more beautiful

Filled with knowledge, perspective and an unlimited amount of thoughts

We fear but don’t allow this to be considered as a weakness

Our fear forces us to protect

A mother’s instinct is inside us far before we become one

Our obedience doesn’t give a man authority

Silence can be a very deadly thing because it is unknown what we are processing

We are taken for granted and abused 

Forgetting our own worth 

But the truth is society has caused us to forget the worth of a women 

We are second class citizens in our own world because a man is too weak to realize we are far more brave, dynamic, and dominant then what society has labeled us to be

We have the ability to be a mother, sister, wife, friend and daughter before being our own individual

We are women with the ability to be selfless and stand on our own two feet without the crutches of society holding us up.

Our worth is unclassified

So let this poem close your eyes and open your mind so you can begin to comprehend a women’s worth


This poem was inspired by the brutal and unfortunate lives Mariam and Laila had to endure. Society put a label on their lives and caused them to lose sight of a women’s worth until they began fighting back and uprising in this battle. This poem describes the worth of a women and how our surroundings cannot defeat us but only make us more powerful and provide us with the ability to conquer anything and everything.

The Glass Castle

Reflection of book:

The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls is a book about self-discovery, family, and sacrifice. This book wasn’t about the journey of the Walls family, it was a lifestyle filled with ups and downs and a sky full of obstacles. To continuously move and be able to make a home out of anything that can be considered a shelter, shows the strength an unity a family requires. This family didn’t always have that unified bond, some days were harder than others. Basic needs such as food, education, clothing, electricity, and running water were things that had to be sacrificed daily. They didn’t care about what they didn’t have, because they only focused on what they did have.

Poem in the perspective of Jeanette Walls:

Our lives were like a rainbow,

colourful and far away from our destination

Just like any rainbow we had a pot of gold waiting for us at the end

The Glass Castle.

Years went by

Towns went by

Schools went by

Friends went by

Homes went by

Life went by…

Hope began to diminish

Childhood dreams were beginning to escape me

Roles were being traded

I now an adult, dad now a child

Losing focus

The bonds are growing weaker

As I begin to prosper

Our lives are no longer united

We both lead paths of our own

Confused on how we let ourselves drift

Time was once our friend

Now it has become an obstacle

Were running out of time

We ran out of time

Farewell to you and everything you have taught me

For you are at peace in the Glass Castle now

Reflection of poem:

Creating this poem made me put myself in Jeanette Walls shoes, I imagined myself in her position and allowed this poem to demonstrate what I believe happened between her and her dad’s relationship. What started off so colourful and full of ambition and hope slowly began diminishing as Jeanette got older. After Rex Walls death the Glass Castle became a lost cause and I felt as though time eventually became an obstacle in her life because the time with her father ran out. Jeanette as a child was hypnotized by her fathers words and considered him as perfect in her eyes, as she grew older Jeanette became more realistic and faced the truths about life which is what created the division between their relationship. Rex who seemed like a very strong character throughout the book ended up becoming a very weak character to me because he was blind to the struggles his family had to face.

Never Shall I forget

Never shall I forget the sensational touch of your hand across the womb you’ve protected.

Never shall I forget the relief you felt from my entry into this new world.

Never shall I forget your gleaming eyes staring at me, while you rocked me to sleep.

Never shall I forget the tenderness I felt in your arms, for the nights I feared.

Never shall I forget the wrinkles on your forehead when time would pass through the night, as you awaited with concern.

Never shall I forget the times where we’d scream and yell then crumble, lingering in the depths of hatred changing the aura of the whole house.

Never shall I forget wanting to express my love and all the inspiration you give me each day.

Never shall I forget wanting to embrace you in my arms and tell you your doing a good job, and that your sacrifices are appreciated.

Never shall I forget the lessons you teach me each day as I grow into something that reminds you more and more of yourself.

Never shall I forget the gratitude built for you for my childhood and uprising.

Never shall I forget the nights where a movie and popcorn with you was the best way to spend my Friday nights.

Never shall I forget the beauty of your aging and growth as the years go by.

Never shall I forget the unbreakable bond between a mother and daughter

Never shall I forget you…

Reflection: My Never Shall I forget poem correlates with the current prompt introduced in class which is the role that self-preservation plays when individuals respond to competing demands. I believe my poem expresses the relationship of a mother and daughter who can go above and beyond to preserve and maintain their relationship regardless of what obstacles and troubles come about. The difficulties of the relationship are discussed and connects with the fact that as a child gets older and becomes more independent and leads a life for themselves it can disorient the value of a relationship. Children drift from parents and begin considering them as a burden, which lacks the ability to reflect on what they’ve done for us and appreciating the sacrifices made in account for all the challenges being faced.


The Violin

The Violin….

When the music is being played I feel like a spell is being casted on me, as if I’m in a day dream. Every note being played, makes me fall into a more hypnotized state, nothing around me is being acknowledged because my mind is floating away from the reality of life. The music captures emotions that words can’t describe. The moment the music stops I snap back to reality, but with a feeling of desire lingering all around me. The music awakens apart of me that always sits in silence, it allows every inch of my body to feel a longing and desperate rush of excitement and thrill. 

In the novel Night by Elie Wiesel the characters experience a vulnerable and desperate moment of complete weakness and loss of hope. One character embraces the fearful, everlasting moment by expressing his emotions through the melody of the violin he plays through the night. To be able to lose all thoughts and fears and indulge into the music surrounding him and the rest of the fellow jews, shows incredible strength and courage in my eyes. I try to put myself in the scenario Elie Wiesel describes and it makes my fingers tremble at the thought of laying helplessly, inches away from death and utter loss. I do feel like the Beethoven piece Juliek plays in his last moments, would be something that would make me want to fight longer, breathe harder, and have complete faith in the future awaiting me. I wouldn’t want to give up when I’m so close even though it feels so far away because when someone is at such a desperate point in their lives wouldn’t you want to put in 100% and give everything so you know you fought for survival till the very end. I would.

The violin is such an exquisite instrument that makes the notes come to life and it allows one to wrap themselves up in the melody. It drowns emotions that constantly cluster your mind throughout the days. Each stroke your fingers make allows a different tune to ring in your ears. It’s a beautiful thing music can do, it’s there for comfort, for pleasure, for despair, for sorrow, and for moments of weakness. The violin is an everlasting melody that can play on and on.  



This I believe; The Value Time Holds

I believe the value time holds allows me to treasure ever moment in my life, because without time one has nothing.

As a child I never recognized the value of time, I allowed it to slip past me without realizing all the memories time has allowed me to create. I look back and recall the moments where time was cut short; the time of being a family, having my parents raise me together, having that bond that seemed unbreakable at the time. I’ve realized now that it doesn’t matter how much time I had, what matters is the memories I created in that time. Time seems endless, as if it can never escape you, but I believe I’ve taken time for granted. Life moves so quickly that I didn’t realize how fast the years went by, and honestly it’s terrifying growing up. I remember ever since I was a little girl, growing up was all I could think about, being able to live on my own, and have all the independence in the world, and now when I think about it and realize how I’m so close to that fantasy I dreamed up for myself, it makes want to go back in time and become that little carefree girl again. I wish I knew how valuable time was back then so I could’ve embraced my childhood years instead of wanting to grow up so fast. I believe that time has allowed me to become who I am today, every heart break, broken friendship, and feuds among other relationships were eventually healed with time and taught me a lesson each time which contributed in the strong person I am. I have realized that time holds such importance to me that it’s motivated me to live each moment to the fullest, and experience anything and everything. Last summer I had the privilege to go to Kelowna for my birthday with my two best friends and family, and it was probably the best experience of my life and time has allowed me to have such memories and experiences. I believe that I can never stop appreciating the value of time, every mistake and amazing moments in my life has taught me something and is a part of me. Time may not last forever but it creates everlasting memories.


Spoken Word Poem

Take a minute

Take a minute, breathe
Gateway drug
Gateway to freedom
Only bad things are said
What they don’t know
Is what drives one to use
Wrinkles emerge upon your forehead
All the scattered thoughts pinching your brain.
Take a minute, breathe
But it keeps coming back
How does one stop the pinching
Inhale, hold, exhale
Relief at last
Instantly thoughts begin to disperse
View the world in a way you’ve never seen before
Paint a picture in your mind and make it come to life
Feel as though your in a movie
Let yourself experience every little touch, sound, smell, and taste
Take a minute, breathe
The urge to taste strengthens
Mouths dry as though one just ate a ball of cotton
But the cravings are too strong
And so it begins
Every food items taste enhanced
Stuffing yourself to the point, where getting up seems impossible
Take a minute, breathe
Eyes slowly closing
Bed seems comfier than ever
One, two, three
Lights out
Now is it so bad to allow one a day of freedom
A day of relief
A day to forget everything in life, that makes you want to give up from moving forward
Now beware this is only the opinion of one
There is no right or wrong
Because what you might think is wrong
Another believes to be right
It’s said the end result can only lead to tragedy
But then again every day you live can lead to tragedy
I do believe moderation is at play here
Control must be at hand
And as controversial as this is
Sometimes one needs to just experience a unique way of living.
Judgements are passed
But what they don’t know
Is that it drives one to get up in the morning and take on the world once again
It allows one to realize there’s more to the world than meets the eye
Gateway drug
Gateway to expierence
Take a minute, breathe



Metaphor of Me (Free choice)


I’m addicting and no matter how hard you try to quit me, you’ll find your way back to me. As you light a cigarette, my personality too shall light up. I can be harsh and brutally honest at first but you will soon grow to enjoy me. Consider me as a way to relax and when times get rough I’ll be your remedy. And if you do me wrong, you’ll come to realize I may not be very pleasant in the end. But as a cigarette burns out so shall any anger of mine. A time will come though where you once again desire my companionship. Whether you receive it or not is up to you, but don’t be fooled because the empty feeling inside will keep haunting you until you realize my value. I apologize now for any trouble I may cause in the future, but the warning signs were always there, but you were too memorized by what I had to offer to realize the truth behind my eyes.

Sour Skittles:

At first glance you cringe at me, assuming I’m always like this, never capable of satisfying your desires. Little do you know, if you stick around you’ll discover my sweet side. Haven’t you heard if you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best. Isn’t it obvious that I’m not like the rest, caving in and giving you what you want at first sight (bite). I play hard to get and if you abandon me early in the game, then shame on you because you were about to hit a home run. I show many colours, some don’t care, others are far too picky. The truth is I am a fun size package, filled with all my colours, so you either accept me altogether or leave as a sore loser. I don’t believe in satisfying others, life is no fun without adding a little sass. If you choose to get to know me one day, you’re in for a surprise, but don’t be scared because haven’t you heard there’s always a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

xoxo Golden baby

Othello Blog

The play Othello was phenomenal, for the first time ever I felt like I completely understood and grasped the concept Shakespeare was trying to portray. The play captured my attention from the start, the music and just the way the play started in the beginning made me want to know more. As a drama student, I’ve been learning all about blocking, body positions, and stage areas, so as I watched the play those kind of things really stood out for me. I recognized when a character was in a weak position and a strong position. Othello was a man who remained full front most of the time because he carried the power but near the end when he realized he was the one who truly lost his body positions showed less power, where he wasn’t constantly full front. The directors choice to have a pause during the play so Iago could share with the audience his devious plans was an excellent choice to me, it allowed us to connect with Iago and it showed a lot more about his character, than we would be able to see if he hadn’t added those pauses. The whole duration of the play, as I saw ever action, body movement, and face expression it was hard to believe that the play was put together in a 2 week time frame. The timing was perfect for everything, when the characters had to jump while others lifted the blanket, and when Cassio’s lover was walking around in circles as the benches were being moved seconds before she had to step on them was mind blowing. I felt as though the play was a little bit like a bare set concept, using just four benches they managed to create a giant bed, single beds, tables, and a place for characters to walk on. I appreciated that more than if several props and set pieces were used. One of my favourite scenes was when the sword fight took place. When I went to Red Deer for One Act I took a class on sword fighting and got the opportunity to use a dagger and a sword at the same time and got to learn patterns on how to fight with another person without actually hurting them, so it just made watching the fight even more exciting because I could recognize their technique. Overall I enjoyed the play and I didn’t realize most of the time that they were talking in Shakespearean language because i was just that intrigued  by it.

Emulations (Free Choice)

Emulation of……

Never listen to your heart

Never believe what you hear

Never await for the truth

Never shed a tear

Don’t fight the pain

Nor hope to be healed

Never ask questions

Never let them become obsessions

Always listen to your heart

Don’t regret, what you once desired

Keep your hearts inspired

Never be in denial about what makes you smile

Never forget the memories made

Never wish for the emotions to fade

Never allow your love to degrade

Or everything will go astray

All that has happened, is a lesson well learned

All the love, has now left me burned.


Emulation of Hands” by Sarah Kay


People used to tell me I have a beautiful face

told me so often, in fact, that I began to look in the mirror everyday

Until I asked my sister if she believes this to be true

to which she laughed and said EW

I don’t remember if she was joking or not

and I still haven’t forgotten

but there were far too many parties to attend

too many concerts to see

too many lies to believe

too many goals to acheive

We used to do makeovers on eachother, my sister and I

cause we saw tutorials all the time

and everytime someone blinked, while eyeliner was being applied,

we’d argue blaming eachother for messing up the design

I was sure

this was the 8 million 2 thousand 7 hundred and fifty third time she blinked

Faces show so much emotions, they change the mood of other faces

shows your smile, shows your frown, shows your scream and  your laugh

shows the truth behind your eyes

how to kiss your loved ones,

how to make funny faces at babies

I love expressions as much as I love beautiful faces

There the guide to happiness and falling in love

some people read faces to discover potential, but I read faces to tell your past.

Each dried up tear, lingering on your cheek is from a broken heart

now I’ve seen the strongest people of all torn apart

mean mugging those like enemies on separate battlefields

each heartbreak is seen as a lesson and regret

even if mean mugs alone are momentarily present

but this is not about heartbreaks, no face has only experienced pain

This poem is about love and the love shown in our faces.







Water inspires me to be free, it’s a never-ending pathway all around us  and the world. It flows in whichever direction the wind takes it and it inspires me to pursue my life in any direction I want. Being around or in water opens up my mind and thoughts, it gives me peace and comfort. When I’m in the shower and the water is drizzling over me, all my thoughts and dreams come aloud, it’s the best time for me to think about everything and anything. I feel like I’m being cleansed and reborn when I’m in water, it feels like I come out of the water as a new person with a blank slate, and endless amounts of opportunities to do whatever I want with my life. Water can be a nightmare for some people or it can be a dream for others, for me it’s a dream. I feel like I’m a mermaid in water, surrounded by a new world, just waiting for me to embrace it. The world would dry up in the absence of water, similar to how my imagination and dreams would too, because of the attachment and connection I have with water which motivates me to reach for the stars and not stay at the surface where everyone feels satisfied at. It is known that majority of the human body consists of water, and that just shows what a huge part water plays in our lives, it’s needed for survival, health, exercise, nature and so much more that seems to be so oblvious to people. I love rainy weather, the smell of rain and the droplets of rain that trickle down my skin make me feel alive and purified. I believe that rainy weather is not gloomy or depressing, but is actually a way of bringing out all the emotions that are always kept hidden away, which can be considered as a negative thing about rain, unless you turn it into something positive. Allow all or any emotions out, face them and deal with them instead of building a wall of unresolved and discomforting feeling.

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-sWFs8u4X80Y/Tz0z RQsQVI/AAAAAAAACeQ/O10evQ4ZCTE/s1600/tumblr_ly5jyy3qht1qfcghao1_500_large.jpg