The Violin

The Violin….

When the music is being played I feel like a spell is being casted on me, as if I’m in a day dream. Every note being played, makes me fall into a more hypnotized state, nothing around me is being acknowledged because my mind is floating away from the reality of life. The music captures emotions that words can’t describe. The moment the music stops I snap back to reality, but with a feeling of desire lingering all around me. The music awakens apart of me that always sits in silence, it allows every inch of my body to feel a longing and desperate rush of excitement and thrill. 

In the novel Night by Elie Wiesel the characters experience a vulnerable and desperate moment of complete weakness and loss of hope. One character embraces the fearful, everlasting moment by expressing his emotions through the melody of the violin he plays through the night. To be able to lose all thoughts and fears and indulge into the music surrounding him and the rest of the fellow jews, shows incredible strength and courage in my eyes. I try to put myself in the scenario Elie Wiesel describes and it makes my fingers tremble at the thought of laying helplessly, inches away from death and utter loss. I do feel like the Beethoven piece Juliek plays in his last moments, would be something that would make me want to fight longer, breathe harder, and have complete faith in the future awaiting me. I wouldn’t want to give up when I’m so close even though it feels so far away because when someone is at such a desperate point in their lives wouldn’t you want to put in 100% and give everything so you know you fought for survival till the very end. I would.

The violin is such an exquisite instrument that makes the notes come to life and it allows one to wrap themselves up in the melody. It drowns emotions that constantly cluster your mind throughout the days. Each stroke your fingers make allows a different tune to ring in your ears. It’s a beautiful thing music can do, it’s there for comfort, for pleasure, for despair, for sorrow, and for moments of weakness. The violin is an everlasting melody that can play on and on.  



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