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Emulations (Free Choice)

Emulation of……

Never listen to your heart

Never believe what you hear

Never await for the truth

Never shed a tear

Don’t fight the pain

Nor hope to be healed

Never ask questions

Never let them become obsessions

Always listen to your heart

Don’t regret, what you once desired

Keep your hearts inspired

Never be in denial about what makes you smile

Never forget the memories made

Never wish for the emotions to fade

Never allow your love to degrade

Or everything will go astray

All that has happened, is a lesson well learned

All the love, has now left me burned.


Emulation of Hands” by Sarah Kay


People used to tell me I have a beautiful face

told me so often, in fact, that I began to look in the mirror everyday

Until I asked my sister if she believes this to be true

to which she laughed and said EW

I don’t remember if she was joking or not

and I still haven’t forgotten

but there were far too many parties to attend

too many concerts to see

too many lies to believe

too many goals to acheive

We used to do makeovers on eachother, my sister and I

cause we saw tutorials all the time

and everytime someone blinked, while eyeliner was being applied,

we’d argue blaming eachother for messing up the design

I was sure

this was the 8 million 2 thousand 7 hundred and fifty third time she blinked

Faces show so much emotions, they change the mood of other faces

shows your smile, shows your frown, shows your scream and  your laugh

shows the truth behind your eyes

how to kiss your loved ones,

how to make funny faces at babies

I love expressions as much as I love beautiful faces

There the guide to happiness and falling in love

some people read faces to discover potential, but I read faces to tell your past.

Each dried up tear, lingering on your cheek is from a broken heart

now I’ve seen the strongest people of all torn apart

mean mugging those like enemies on separate battlefields

each heartbreak is seen as a lesson and regret

even if mean mugs alone are momentarily present

but this is not about heartbreaks, no face has only experienced pain

This poem is about love and the love shown in our faces.